senosan® PS-Polystyrene

Sheets & Films


For Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH, the basic material polystyrene offers an ideal solution for the areas of application of the pharmaceutical industry and packaging materials in contact with food products. These materials also find applications in further processing to blister packaging, coffee cream containers, snap lids and much more.


Product Description Application area
senosan® H14-H22
  • Standard films for FFS lines
  • Standard white 1000
  • Natural colours with good contact transparency
  • Special colours on request, quantity related
Dairy industry
senosan® H22M
  • Standard polystyrene films with good machine compatibility for FFS lines
Pharmaceutical industry
senosan® H17K
  • One side matt surface
  • Standard white 1000
  • White available with increased light protection(white 1204, 1205 and 1601)
  • Brown 6050 and 6216
Special material for coffee cream containers
senosan® HP 19 HT
  • Special Quality with glossy surface
Printed,thermoformed snap lids

Delivery range:

Thickness: 500 – 2000 my
Width: 250 – 1450 mm

Other dimensions on request.


H Sheets

Senoplast has developed these composite sheets for vacuum formed components in internal and external applications. Together with many standard colours, special colours and also metallic effects and a series of emboss patterns are available. The sheets can be processed without problem on traditional vacuum forming machines with top and bottom heating and offer applications in the fields of ski-boxes, vehicle components, sport equipment and many more.

Product Description Surface Special feature Delivery range*
senosan® HH28U-10 Impact modified PS (HIPS) co-extruded with UV-stabilised HIPS Glossy surface
(smooth & embosed)
  Thickness: 2 to 6 mm
Width: 300 to 2.200 mm
Embossing: 005DL/006RR/012RN/011VN/013MF
senosan® H22M Multilayer composite of high impact PS Matt surface Increased stress cracking resistance Thickness: 1 to 6 mm
Width: 300 bis 2.200 mm
senosan® HP20ST Co-extruded PS Glossy surface Suitable for vacuum forming, transfer printing, lamination, screen printing Thickness: 1 to 6 mm
Width: 300 bis 2.200 mm

*other dimensions on request 





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