senosan® ABS/PMMA

From colourless raw material to high gloss surface. A combination of various material advantages to achieve an innovative co-extruded plastic semi-finished material with virtually unlimited application possibilities.

senosan ®  AM50 SOLAR products

With product series AM50 SOLAR, Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH has developed composite sheets for high value vacuum formed components for external use.

The carrier layer consists of an easily thermo-formable and high impact ABS and the top layer is in impact modified acrylic (PMMA). In order to maintain the colour stability of the finished product after extended external use, the PMMA layer is homogeneously matched in the colour of the carrier layer.

Alongside many standard colours, special colours including metallic effects and several emboss surfaces are available. The sheets can be formed without problem on conventional vacuum forming machines with top and bottom heating.

senosan® 3000er series for sanitary applications

Critical design requirements by customers and demands of profitability with the same high quality of manufacture allow new innovative materials to gain in importance. The next generation in extrusion technology – co-extruded composite sheets of ABS and PMMA. A practical combination of both raw materials brings increased stress cracking resistance, shorter cycle times, better colour stability and much more in comparison with steel, cast acrylic and ceramics.

This brings you an unbeatable advantage!

senosan® 3000 is a multi-layer composite material made from ABS and PMMA. The reinforcement layer gives the sanitary component additional stiffness. The very good flow properties of senosan® 3000 allow problem-free processing with modern thermoforming machines. Sharp definition and complicated shapings are highly achievable and underline the innovative claims of the product.

The unbeatable product advantages are:

  • brilliant surface of sanitary acrylic
  • warm surface
  • antibac® hygienic surface
  • increased chemical resistance
  • high break strength
  • long life in use
  • excellent design possibilities
  • easyglide® layer
  • low specific weight
  • recyclable
  • repairable
  • low memory effect
Product Dimensions Applications
 senosan® 3000BM Thickness: 4.0 - 11.0 mm
Width:     500 - 2200 mm*
hand wash basins
senosan® 3000X Thickness: 3,0 - 6,00 mm
Width:     500 - 2200 mm*
shower cubicles
shower walls
shower baths
bath panels
steam cabines

* further widths on request 

senosan®  3000 is available in all current sanitary colours. Special colours can be matched to meet customer requirements.

senosan ® acrylic high gloss films (AM1500X/AM1700XU)

High gloss surfaces for all types of furniture fittings in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or office. PVC-free plastic surfaces for further processing by lamination, post-forming and thermoforming.

Surface high gloss, gloss level GLE ca. 90 (at 60°), coloured.
18 market trend colours available ex-stock. On request, this material is also available on rolls.

Sizes for stock materials:
2.800 x 1300 x 0.7 bis 1.0 mm 
2.440 x 1220 x 0.7 bis 1.0 mm

Edging material in the same colour and material is available from the company Hranipex - www.hranipex.com




Thickness (mm)


High gloss acrylic
senosan® AM1500X
Surface protection film
Corona on reverse
0,70 - 0,80 Flat lamination and
High gloss acrylic
senosan® AM1500X MET
Surface protection film
Corona on reverse
1,00 Flat lamination and
High gloss acrylic
senosan®   AM1700X(U)
Surface protection film
Corona on reverse
Polished surface
0,70 - 0,80 Flat lamination and

senosan® High gloss acrylic films (AM1800TopX)

Visit the website of Senosan Gmbh for detailed information on the ultimative high gloss acrylic films senosan® AM1800TopX.














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