Furniture films

With films senosan® ABS (base film) and ABS/PMMA (high gloss film in UNICOLOUR or METALLIC), Senoplast supplies the furniture industry with high performance, PVC-free plastic surfaces for the processing possibilities of flat lamination, postforming and thermoforming. The area of application extends to cover every type of furniture fixtures for kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and office.

senosan® high gloss films are available ex-stock in 19 market compatible fashion trend colors and are used for flat lamination and postforming.
The special features of these excellent films are: 

  • higher gloss level
  • scratch resistance
  • UV resistant
  • environment friendly
  • recyclabel
  • product safety
  • polishable surface

The reverse side material is offered in 2 colours ex-stock.


Product Finish Scratch resistance Gloss level (60°) Thickness (mm)
senosan® High gloss acrylic AM1500X Surface protection film
Corona on reverse
0.6 N GLE ~ 90 0.70 – 0.80
senosan® High gloss acrylic metallic AM1500X MET. Surface protection film
Corona on reverse
0.6 N GLE ~ 90 1.00
senosan® High gloss acrylic AM1700X(U) Surface protection film
Corona on reverse
Polished surface
0.9 N GLE ~ 90 0.70 – 0.80
senosan® Reverse side material HP17RS With embossed surface
Corona on reverse
    0.70 – 0.80  

Edge material of the same type and colour is available form the company www.hranipex.com .

Since recently, Senoplast can offer a high scratch resistant film (lacquered acrylic film) –  senosan® AM1800TopX – for more information visit  www.senosan.com .

Below you can find our 19 trend colours:

senosan® AM1500X (metallic colours only) and senosan® AM1700X(U) furniture films are constantly available ex stock in these colours.

For all senosan® products, before ordering please definitely ask us for an original colour example! All colours on our website are given for orientation only. In no way can they be seen as legally binding. Product and colour changes, all rights reserved.




Color Gallery

Beige 7315

Beige 7368

Beige Metallic

Beige Metallic 7407

Grey 85336

Grey 85335

Dark Grey 85223

Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic 8663


Silver Metallic

Silver Metallic 8854


White 1298

White 1374

Orange 9091

Red 3120

Red 3216

Violet 4418

Blue Metallic

Blue Metallic 4472

Brown 6270

Black 8102

Black Metallic

Black Metallic 8377

To be introduced in August 2014
senosan® AM1700XU:      grey 85465
senosan® AM1800TopX:   grey 85468



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